Take Care of Yourself Even as You Serve Others

Indeed, it is incomplete to talk about purpose without an intimate conversation about Service.  Service is a most interesting thing.  Like love, service is a gift that multiplies as it is given to another and it certainly adds quarter to the giver.  My good friend and fellow author Vivian (vividumas) raised a very powerful observation, to offer balance, to do somethings for you…  You can see her comments under the previous post.

Amongst us there those souls whose life has been about giving, so much so that occasionally they find their own cup, their own needs unattended.  To those who fit that description, I say you are amongst the most blessed.  The blessings include capacity and empathy.

You have greater insight about things.  You FEEL and you do so deeply.  Life truly is in technicolor for you.  Now this is important.  You have the authority and the capacity to be good to yourself and to give attention to your own wants needs and desires.

You are so accustomed to helping others that you too often deny yourself, but think about it.  Is it not only wise but necessary to feed yourself?  If you are the vehicle that helps others get to a point what happens when the vehicle is ignored?  It invariably will breakdown.  If you are broken  nobody rides!  You cease to help anyone get to the appointed destination and you won’t get there either when you don’t take care of YOU.

"... take care of you"

Remember too, everyone has their own vehicle.  Once in a while they and need to tend to it just as you need to tend to your own.  Too much help can debilitate both giver and recipient.  Prayer and meditation, introspection and reflection, planning and journaling all deserve your consideration.  Consider employing them to add spice to your life and to the world.   So, what have you done for YOU lately?

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