The Greatest Nation in the World

We live in a special city called “CapaCITY” which is in the great “State OF MIND” in the boundless nation of “ImagiNATION”  so use your imagination to increase your capacity.

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3 Comments on “The Greatest Nation in the World”

  1. vividumas Says:

    It is funny that we are on the same path of creativity. I just wrote a recent post about developing ideas for a new novel. I am excited to start a new creative writing class in February. Sometimes you have to step back and not be afraid of putting in work. If only we can figure out how to harness some creative minds and funnel their power for good. Keep blogging! Sory for so many posts the other day. When it didn’t show I though something was wrong with my computer. It happened on another site too. You are more than welcome to trach some of them.

  2. I love this quote. Is it a Clif original or from the anonymous universe? Everything you say fits right into what I believe about taking care of yourself. Perhaps your readers would also like to check out the health entries my blog. I’ve got some links on Wild Oregano, Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic, D3, Infrared Light and Cayenne Pepper.

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