1] Prayer Power- Take Inventory – Count Your Blessings… Regularly

“One of the most under-rated principles on the road to happiness and success is the principle of Counting One’s Blessings.   Counting your blessings opens you up to the wealth of the universe.  It also paves the way for further gratification.  When you appreciate what you have, you automatically create the capacity and magnetism to receive more.

By focusing on your blessings you engender a spirit of gratitude.  An attitude of gratitude lifts the spirit and provides one with a welcoming demeanor.  In your social and business transactions, which personality types attract you?  Would you gravitate toward someone who is critical, pessimistic, narrow and selfish or someone genuine in spirit, warm, welcoming and optimistic?  Indeed, there is a place for all elements and you may benefit by clearly deciding which characteristics you care to embody.  We tend to gravitate to what we prefer.  Focus on the positive.”

WHEN YOU CAN’T CALM THE WATERS LEARN TO RIDE THE WAVES – Clifton McKnight.  Pre-published excerpt.

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2 Comments on “1] Prayer Power- Take Inventory – Count Your Blessings… Regularly”

  1. vividumas Says:

    The concept of gratitude is prominent in so many of the books I’ve read – The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama,Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer (many more). I believe when you appreciate the good in your life you attract more positive energy to you. If you can’t see the good you have today, why would God grant more wasted blessings upon you? Great excerpt! Can’t wait until the book is published!

    • Thanks Viv. You are amazing to be balancing all you are doing and taking the time to connect. I love the path you are on. Indeed we share similar steps. Hope to see you soon. Appreciate you greatly.

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