3] Create a Commercial

“Huh?  Create a commercial!?! You gotta be kidding.” Look, I understand that to some, these suggestions may seem too radical. Ask yourself though, “Am I willing to try a few things outside of my normal behavior in order to create above normal results for my life?”  There is no risk here.  There is only possibility and opportunity.

Think about your good qualities and your strengths, as you see them.  Now, list all the positive qualities you know about yourself and add those that others have said about you in the past. Do not dismiss or edit.  You might even contact a few close friends and ask them to pretend that you have just commissioned them to develop an ad campaign to promote the best in you.  Try it.


What is your Brand?

Imagine that you represent a high powered wall street advertising firm and you have been given the task of marketing this product called YOU to the world.  What kind of commercial would you develop?  What vehicles would you use to promote YOU?

As you write the script  bear in mind that just as it is done for most high powered products, a “brand” should be identified that defines the character or essence of YOU.  Your core features and benefits should be communicated.   Don’t just deal with who you have been, address who you are and who you intend to be.

The best commercials evoke an emotional response.  They make us laugh or they make us reflect.  What will you come up with here?  Who can assist you in developing your commercial?  Most marketing executives work with a team.  Enlist the support of co-workers, friends and loved ones and reciprocate if invited.

How to Succeed in Turbulent Times

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One Comment on “3] Create a Commercial”

  1. vividumas Says:

    Great idea Clif! As a realtor, I do this everyday but I forget about the other aspects of my world. Thanks for the reminder.

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