4] People and Prayer for When the Tsunami Comes

Now, think about the people you love helping.  Why is it that when you do things for them it actually makes your day?  One reason might be that they greatly appreciate all you do and they show it.   Sometimes they simply express their gratitude and sometimes they joyfully rush forward to return the favor.  The same holds true on a deeper, personal level.  Love others, genuinely, and you have a greater experience of love.   There is an adage that resonates with this, “Love is like perfume.  When you put it on someone, you can’t help put get some on yourself.”

Family can be a wonderful source of support.  Even in the most troubled of waters, perhaps particularly in the most troubled of waters, friends and family can represent a reservoir of mutual support.

From the book, IF YOU CAN’T CALM THE WATERS LEARN TO RIDE THE WAVES” – Clifton McKnight.  Pre-published excerpt.  4 of 5

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3 Comments on “4] People and Prayer for When the Tsunami Comes”

  1. inshirah watson Says:

    hi mr.cliftonmknight i meet you at the ETS MEETING my little sister won the award…. yes my prayers go out to them because before the last tsunami was terriiable god bless …

  2. vividumas Says:

    Clif – I fully understand your when you say that it come back in greater maginitude. As many trial and challenges Jermaine and I have faced, we stick together and support each other. Our love grows with each challenge and makes us stronger. Either one of us could have given up a long time ago but I think through our mutal strength and support we have found the ability to keep moving on and be successful. Our friends and family also reinforce our strength. You get back what you put out into the world!

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