Who Inspires You and Who do You Inspire?

Sometimes we need a little lift.  The stressors of life can on occasion get a bit heavy.  Step outside yourself for a moment and notice what occurs to bring you back into a strong, confident, faithful state of mind.  Who are the people, what are the places and times through which your God given gifts of inspiration flow?

Life's Little Joys by Chelsea Taylor McKnight

A passer by says a kind word.  An uplifting email shows up just when you need it.  Someone calls or stops by and lends an empathetic ear.  A message at your place of worship or some lyrics to a song can offer inspiration.  Standing in nature with someone you love may be just what you need.  Taking the time to notice these things provides you with useful insight to be intentionally tapped when needed.  It also can suggest a model  that you may “pay it forward” when others need a helping hand.

Whatever it is, wherever it is, however you get it, look for ways to give it.

Some of you get inspired by giving.  You are fulfilled by helping others.  Great, so you know how it feels.  Let others have an opportunity to do the same for you sometime.   Stop, take a deep breath and be thankful.

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