Look UP Get UP… Build UP Fly Up

Look up, get up, catch up, make up build up, fly up.  The watch word is UP! “U.P.”  or “UP” represents Unlimited Potential” (UP).  More than 2 decades ago while working for a program called Talent Search at Coppin State College  (now a university) with the help of two dynamic staff E. Taris Mullins and Phyllis Dawes Abisola a newsletter was developed entitled “Potential Unlimited.”  If memory serves I featured UP in the newsletter and to this day I draw strength from it.

The notion that we ALL have unlimited potential was indelibly imprinted in my psyche.   I had been reading books on personal development for years and it had finally taken hold.   A few years later I created a model for success I called Quantum Success “UP” to represent “Unlimited Potential.”  The notion of “Quantum Success” is so important and valuable to me that it is featured in the book IF YOU CAN’T CALM THE WATERS LEARN TO RIDE

How to Succeed in Turbulent Times

Success riding the waves


Those of you who follow a religious faith need only draw from the multitude of verses which fill it that speak to your God given gifts.  My faith reminds me through the Bible that through faith I can move mountains (Matthew 17:20).  The Bible also refers to the man

y miracles Jesus conducted and indicates “greater works than these”  John 14:12 shall I do.

I’d wager a dollar to a donut that all of the worlds major religions offer such insight.  The same observations are found in self development books, in science and in philosophy.  “Seek and you shall find.  “I suggest that you visit  Barbara Talley’s Blog for those who will to take the time to quench that thirst for a genuine burst of possibility.  I am reminded by her blog to remind YOU to stay inspired and remember, Look up Get up… Build up Fly up! Use your UP.

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