Take the Lesson and BE the Difference

We never know where or how our next inspiration comes.  Remaining open to new possibilities especially those possibilities within can reap untold benefits.  These previously untapped benefits stand to bear fruit to you and to the world at large.

I was gently lead to read an article that responded to some questions I was asking within in one of my many internal talks with God.  I don’t know that I expected an answer or if I even articulated my questions clearly in my mind but I remember reading or hearing in my youth that God knows your need before you do.

The questions aren’t the point of this blog.  The point is to suggest that you create some space to be calm and even pensive sometimes.  Just BE sometimes.  Like the previous blog “Don’t just do something, Stand There” notes, we are more than our human experience.  When we tap into the fabric of the moment, we position ourselves for miracles to happen.  Flashes of genius, insight, creativity, inspiration and energy can appear when we clear our selves to receive.

Take the lesson and BE the difference.  Stay true to yourself.

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2 Comments on “Take the Lesson and BE the Difference”

  1. vividumas Says:

    I enjoy your nuggets of wisdom, but I must admit this one is difficult for me. “Just being” is like asking me to stop breathing. (lol)

    You know my brain and body is always in overdrive. There’s always the next task or next bright idea beckoning me to its arms. But I will say that I do attempt at times to slow down and smell the proverbial rose and will continue to seek that peace.

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