Think Good Thoughts Then Connect

Think Good Thoughts Then Connect

I endeavor to treat my mind and spirit daily with a little prayer, meditation and affirmation, then I get to work.  I was busily focused at my desk at work and a wonderful thing happened!  I received a knock on the door.  At times when we are trying to finish a task we can be off center when something interrupts that flow .  I am so glad that I followed my morning ritual today because that did not occur and I was poised to receive a magnificent energy from the passer by.

His name is Chuck Croner.  He is a recent retiree who reminded me through his conversation and spirit that angels still walk the earth in human form.  As he shared and asked questions of me my heart and spirit were filled with the joy of this awareness.

Please, pause, focus on all that is good with you and the world, then drink deeply from the positive spirits around you.  The wonderful thing is, if you take the time to treat your spirit prior to quenching your thirst, you will provide a refreshing elixir for others as well.  We are then energized to continue making a difference where the world is not yet right.  Enjoy today and help make someone else’s day.

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One Comment on “Think Good Thoughts Then Connect”

  1. Love the audio and written message and I see you are putting it all together.

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