What Gives You Hope? What Makes You Feel at Peace?

On facebook one night, my good friend and fellow author, keynote speaker and workshop facilitator Barbara Talley asked, “What gives you hope?”  I had an immediate response and, soon after, another question followed in my mind.  It was, “What makes you feel at peace?”  Here are some thoughts that came to mind:  A ray of sunshine between the clouds, seeing someone, anyone do well, my spiritual readings, prayer, friends and family, when I can give to another, taking action, when someone acts on my behalf, when I am appreciated for something I did without a second thought, when I here others’ stories, when there is the smallest bit of progress… Also, uplifting music, inspiring movies and books, conversations with positive people, listening to my elders, seeing success of young and old, freshly fallen snow and a glimmer of light, a sunrise, waterfalls, water,  nature, quotes and sayings, poems and even a fortune cookie.

So, “What gives you hope?  What makes you feel at peace?…”




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