Help a Friend, Help Yourself

Please enjoy these words of wisdom from my daughter Chelsea.  She posted it on facebook, January 31, 2011.
“When you help others, you help yourself.. You may find a new perspective of your own predicament and learn that things could be much worse..

Help a friend. You can be the difference she or he needs. Artwork also by Chelsea McKnight

You also shift your thoughts at least temporarily, and may even find yourself in a better mood since you helped a friend or a random person. Be tolerant, be generous, be understanding, and show compassion. Blessings will manifest…”  Thank you Chelsea…

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2 Comments on “Help a Friend, Help Yourself”

  1. Aunt Jan Says:

    This is wonderful. Chelsea has always demonstrated compassion and the spirit of caring and empathy,as well as love, kindness, and patience to all the people whose lives she has touched. My admiration, encouragement and applause are here for you, my dearest Chelly.

  2. Chelsea’s artwork has such depth. I can just see the pain in the picture. Brilliant, absolutely, brilliant.

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