It’s All Relative! Count Your Blessings

Things usually aren’t as bad as they seem.  This does not mean you don’t have it bad compared to how it was.   It only suggests that it really could be worse, so count your blessings.  Look for the positive in the situation and reestablish your footing.  You may have had more snow than you have seen before but it is unlikely that you have had as much as some and they made it through.   You can get through it too!

Anthony Robbins says ask yourself the right question and you manage your state of mind. When we focus on the good we have more energy to address the issues at hand.  Ask yourself, “What’s good about this, or could be?  Sometimes all there is to do in the short run is to create enough space to get by.  A little positive action can make all the difference and positive action is preceded by a positive perspective.  The one who has maximum influence of your perspective, of your thinking, is you.

Position yourself to take action.  Make the best of what you have to work with and enjoy the process.  If you can’t calm the waters, learn to ride the waves.

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