Make this Season Your Better Health Season

This is your time.  Are you ready to attract better health and a greater feeling of well-being?  The means and the support is all around you.  Begin with an internal shift.  Declare yourself to yourself who the improved you is and your body will catch up!  I had just made a decision to dramatically improve my health position when I received an email that a “Biggest Loser” style program was being offered at my workplace.  I figured, “what the hay, I can dabble to help me along my way.”  I soon found myself engaged and engrossed.  It became a main stead for me.  then when work schedule and time off interrupted the flow, I still had the internal shift to support me.  Below is a communication I sent to my teammates.  Want to join in?

“Ok, we keep missing the pool parties but we sure can take advantage of  I hope you are all well and staying true to your goals.  If not, you can still dust yourself off and get back on the path.  That is the beauty of it.  If you really want to accomplish a thing, you stay with it.  While I have been off work a few days I have been a walking machine, a veritable monster of walk,  a beast in the east! Well, maybe it hasn’t been ‘all that,’ but relatively speaking, I have been doing well.  I walked between 2.5 and 3+ miles 4-5 days per week.  I am feeling great.

My eating habits have been wonderful too, relatively speaking. I have been juicing regularly.  My staple beverage is carrot and celery juice but I have various combinations including a delectable fruit juice with pineapple, cantaloupe and apple juices.  I use the pulp of my vegetable juices for soups and salads.  I haven’t done anything with the fruit pulps.  I hear that all of the pulps make for great compost and I haven’t done any of that yet.  I‘d be happy to store and bring in for anyone interested in using it.  Points may not be mounting but we can keep accounting.  I know, I have a million of ‘em…

A word about being still:  We all take a moment here and there and our fitness coach, Brenda had us “smell the roses” as a “Biggest Loser” activity.  If you have indulged yourself with a moment of peace recently you are likely, keenly aware of its benefits.  Please, take a moment often and drink deeply of the glory of life and living.  I read an article recently that suggested taking 5 minutes of every hour to focus on something good.  WOW!  I honestly never thought of something so simple as that.  Anyway, enjoy the journey and let’s keep supporting each other. ”

Looking for healthy recipes?  Try .   Brenda, pulled the following excerpt out of my book IF YOU  CAN’T CALM THE WATERS LEARN TO RIDE THE WAVES, ”

[Brenda] “Here’s an excerpt from the book to ponder today:”

“Each of us has many selves. There is a physical self and a spiritual self. These “selves” are interdependent.  Your physical self has the potential to affect the experiences of your spiritual self. When we eat well, move our bodies, stretch ourselves, think positively, and feel appreciative, we tend to be healthier and happier. When we are persistently inactive, eat a poor selection of foods and crowd ourselves with worry and disappointment, we set ourselves up for poor health.”   This is YOUR SEASON for better health.  Enjoy the journey.  Want more resources? Visit and  For all around uplifting try

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