Appreciate What You Have

"There are Generations of Blessings to Embrace..." Art work by Chelsea McKnight

Sometimes in all of our striving, we may get pre-occupied with what we do not have yet.  We set our goals and we drive ourselves toward its end and at times it seems to remain just beyond our reach.  Perhaps while we strive we should take time to experience being alive.  Be awake to your blessings and appreciate what you have.  There are generations of blessings to embrace even as we strive to win our race.  Be grateful as you climb and add to someone’s day and your day too.  You will be glad you did.

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2 Comments on “Appreciate What You Have”

  1. I simply love love love Chelsea’s artwork. I want to do something with her!

    • Of course I agree. Her art lifts me in so many ways. She communicates and uplifts and empathizes and captures tender moments and on and on. Give her a call when you have a minute. Everyone can use a littel encouragement now and then.

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