Since I woke …

Since I woke up this morning at 4 am and felt wide awake, (see and Clifton McKnight motivision on facebook) I thought it would be appropriate to offer you this excerpt from my book, IF YOU CAN’T CALM THE WATERS LEARN TO RIDE THE WAVES – HOW TO SUCCEED IN TURBULENT TIMES 

Can’t sleep at night?  Use the time to work on a task or concern that has been bothering you.  It just may be the very thing that is keeping you from sleeping.  At the very least you can feel good about completing or resolving something important instead of tossing and turning all night leaving yourself with the same issues in the morning.

Another option is to redirect your focus to your blessings and a prayer of gratitude until you fall asleep.  This can actually result in a rather restful sleep enabling you to approach the following day and your problems with a fresh new energy.  You may be amazed at how effective a strategy this is.  Like most other exercises, it will get easier with practice.

Now I can watch a video or get some sleep.

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