Resources… Multi-layered Resources – Reposted and Updated for 2013

Just as it is important to have resources, it is important to be RESOURCEFUL!  Look at what you already have and consider the many uses you have yet to explore.  Have fun with the unlimited possibilities and pass on what you can to those you care about.

Resources… Resources are all around us  and deep within us.  Even resources we use can be reborn in to other uses.  Whether it be Youtube, a book, a reflection or introspection, or a blog, our even an online community, our focus and intention can conjure up new purpose and therefore new utility.

YouTube is great for music AND there are applications for “How to” do just about anything.  Want to create a business plan but don’t want to start by reading a book?  Visit You Tube and see what feels right for you.  One idea may be just what you need.  Need to fix a toilet?  Type toilet repair in the search box at You Tube and see your choices or type in the word “Success” along with one someone who motivates you and see what happens.  Or if someone motivates you type in their name.  I typed in “Les Brown” and among other videos, this came up.  Then there were other videos (Jack Canfield and more) that I found to be quite useful.  Surf for what feeds you.

Books are great for learning AND for entertainment.  They are great for research and learning perspectives.  History, business development,  fiction, short stories and poems.  Wake up to the possibilities.  Go to the library and bring the library to you too.  Lifetimes of information are at your fingertips. offers FREE excerpts and FREE Kindle software so you can access ebooks from your computer, phone or tablet.

Online Search – “Google it”  has become synonymous to the online search engine but there are MANY.  There have been specialty search engines for years.  See this link from 10 years ago click here.  Don’t worry, it provides  updated links as well.  Online searches can open up unlimited possibilities.   Always engage critical thinking.  Reserve judgement and draw your own conclusions.  We are barely scratching the surface… Remember Microsoft‘s catch phrase “Where do you want to go today.”

Online Communities and Blogs – Everywhere you go (online), there they are!  Blogs are extremely wide and varied.  Anyone can have one and include just about anything.  As mentioned earlier, engage your mind, be conscious of your choices.  There are few guarantees in life.  Certainly there can be less online.  Blogs can entertain, educate, promote, do all of the above and more.  You can learn about business.  You can join online communities that support and explore business and or provide support for weight loss.  The possibilities are endless.  Want to develop yourself?  Consider the online community of Stephen Covey.  The links above are examples.  I have found them useful.  In fact I am the author to some.  Please make use of the information age.  Only you can choose what you can use.  Reserve judgment based on what you think is best for you.   I take responsibility for my self and my choices only, and you should reserve that privilege as well. You have seen disclaimers “No warranties.”   In truth all we have is our own mind.  Keep it active.  Keep it growing and enjoy this magnificent information age.

– Clifton McKnight is an author, educator, counselor, personal coach and keynote speaker. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter and other (social) media. Visit his site at

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