Bereavement, Sickness, Unemployment, Divorce… and Rebirth

The draft was inadvertently sent.   This is what was meant.

Struggle, illness, loss… death.  Pain, frustration, unemployment, uncertainty… Where does it end???  Have a care.  You do not live there.  You are just passing through. Peace, love and joy may soon come to you… probably before you know.  Take heart, give hope a start- and let the pain go.

Not ready to let go, but you want to know what can be done to help ease the pain?  Here are a few thoughts for your consideration.

1. Recognize that life events need not remain the focal point. They come to pass.  They do not come to stay.

2. Persist,  project and pray your pain away.  When that is not immediately effective, persist, pray some more, then CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE.

3. Jump ahead, step back, reflect, review the past.  a] Jump Ahead so you can look back to the event and see yourself well past it all.  b] Step back, and see what others have overcome. c] Reflect on the things you are thankful for and d] Review the Past to acknowledge the challenges you made it through to get to tflamingo waterfalloday.

4.  Take a break.  Do something good for yourself.  Things often look better when you are in a better state of mind.

5. Consider seeking counsel.  If you cannot afford to pay for it check your local Mental Health Agency. You might do an online search  to help you get started.  For example, I conducted a search using “mental health hotline number” and came up with a number of great resources.   How about this? Ask your physician if you have one.  Also, some clergy have formal training.  If you are under 18, even if you are not, you may want to confer with a parent or loved one to support you as you seek assistance from someone educated and experienced that you can be comfortable with.

6. Sometimes you do ALL, or none of the above.  Just “Being ” can have it’s place too.

All that occurs in life can help you know your self better and help you better understand your place in the scheme of things. It may help you find your power.  In the book, IF YOU CAN’T CALM THE WATERS LEARN TO RIDE THE WAVES – HOW TO SUCCEED IN TURBULENT TIMES, Mark Holland said the following:  “I think the greatest challenge of my life to date occurred for me when my sister Bestsellers on desktook her own life.  She had a long battle with severe depression.  ”  While discussing strategies, including that of helping others when Mark suggested, “Seek to know God, seek to know yourself.  Be true to that first. If you let your vehicle fall apart because you are too busy transporting everyone else, sooner or later, nobody rides.”

Another of those interviewed, Ruth Norris said “If you want to scream go ahead and scream… If you want to be angry, even angry at God, go ahead and be angry.  Just don’t let go of God’s hand.”

Just to remind you, YOU are a miracle.  In the vastness of the Universe, here you are, thinking feeling, growing, day by day knowing.  And the pain you are going through? Yes, you are ‘going through.”   See peace, love,  prosperity too.  See all these things coming to you. ” This to shall pass.”   Soon you will know what to do.


– Clifton McKnight is an author, educator, counselor, personal coach and keynote speaker. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter and other (social) media. Visit his site at


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One Comment on “Bereavement, Sickness, Unemployment, Divorce… and Rebirth”

  1. joji Says:

    hi…what u told is true …u expressed the thots in easy way…superb..people should realize

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