About Clif and his Blog

img1We all have to manage life’s ups and downs.  My strength stems from a spiritual base and my interpretation of experiences, education in sociology and in counseling add to my perspective.  My family and friends represent the spice of life for me and a true sense of strength.  I have been blessed to even get sustenance from those with whom I work.  For me life is about connection.

Born in Brooklyn New York raised in Maryland and Virginia, my traditional, formal education came about at Morehouse College  in Atlanta Georgia and Coppin State University in Baltimore Maryland.  One discovers in short order that continued pursuit of knowledge and understanding are as essential to vibrant living as breathing is to life.

I am a husband and a father with two sharp, gifted magnetic adult daughters (yes, they are just like their daddy… okay, okay, you probably saw that one coming).   I am a professor and counselor at Montgomery College in Maryland.  Details regarding the corporate Clif McKnight may be found at www.motivision.net.  I really intend to make this blog a resource for joyful living and resource sharing. I can be reached at 301-694-7117 and at info@motivision.net. The book, IF YOU CAN’T CALM THE WATERS LEARN TO RIDE THE WAVES – HOW TO SUCCEED IN TURBULENT TIMES is available on my site or on Amazon.com 

Some of the most viable resources available to us may be the most controversial.   It will not be the core intention of this blog to focus on the train wreck to get hits.  Rather this will be a place to get a timely tip and a better grip.  We have learned – and forgotten much.  It is of great value to renew our conscious knowing so that we may capitalize on it.

This blog is a place where you can learn of resources to help you make it through and get to the things you are destined to do.  The most outstanding resource that will be called upon to present itself to you is You You You and YOU.  YOU are absolutely amazing and it is time that you have a full appreciation of the miracle that is YOU.  Now you likely are already in touch with your gifts.  Visiting this blog and sharing your insights will only magnify them for you and others as well.  Let us grow our communities as we grow ourselves.

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2 Comments on “About Clif and his Blog”

  1. kdj507 Says:

    Love this!! Ready to follow
    along on this journey!

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