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Loved Not Alone

April 14, 2013

Quiet as it is kept there are times in our lives when we feel alone, cold and lonely.  Even when surrounded by others, sometimes feel all by ourselves.  Go ahead and feel the emptiness but just for a moment.  Then celebratImagee that the feeling is based on an illusion because it can be used to remind us to extend a hand and feel the Love.

We are steeped in Divine Love.  Dwell on that.  Meditate and pray on the gifts that life has wrought. Appreciate that you have the privilege of time and space to feel deeply.  Sometimes we are too cold or overheated, in too much pain or completely defeated.

Wake up to the reality of Divine Love, and be Love in Action and watch the pain dissolve.  When you connect within and then reach out, you begin (again) to see what life’s all about.

Loneliness and pain  serve as a simple reminder that we are off track.  Open your eyes and open your heart.  You will see that you are disparately needed and  deeply loved.

Help someone and you will soon see, the energy and love that service set free.  Image

Act in the know that we are all connected, then step in the flow that Love has directed.

With every act of kindness, every helping hand, you spread Divine Love.  Your presence soon becomes as welcome as the warmth of the sun with a cool summer breeze.

Pay homage to what you have while you still have it.  And when you give, remember the principles of nature.  What we plant and nurture comes back multiplied.  Serve.  Love.  Love yourself too and you will be loved, through and through.

– Clifton McKnight is an author, educator, counselor, personal coach and keynote speaker. Clifton author’s a resource for students on Blogger .  Follow him on Facebook, Twitter and other (social) media. Visit his site at

12 Ways to (Re)Connect with Someone You Care About

December 24, 2009

Clifton McKnight

Hello to you. Happy Holidays.  I truly am still learning how to utilize these communication tools as I go along.  Feel free to follow me on facebook or twitter or even linkedIn.  There are so many opportunities to connect and synergize.  During this holiday season and this 2010 year, add more joy to your world by contacting someone you care about that you haven’t connected with for a while.  These days there are so many options.

Now I am not talking about someone with whom you have a rift of some sort though something can be said about the good sense in good will.  I suspect that there are enough people you really care about who also care about you that have been too busy in the muck and mire to have smelled the roses and reached out.

Below are 12 ways to connect with someone you care about.  If the good ole search tool doesn’t yield you further insight regarding these suggestions and you have a question let me know.  Leave a comment for any desired clarifications.  If you see something you may not have held in your conscious mind let me know that as well.   The ideas are FREE or very low cost ways to touch base (I think stamps for regular mail is 44 cents for example.

Please use good judgement.  If there are those who should remain only fond memories it may better serve you to leave them there for now.  You have to be the judge here.

1. Email, personal email.

2. Chat, Instant message, etc.

3. Skype talk and see each other too online.  Camera and microphone are required on both ends.  The service is free at last check.

4. Blogs (smile).  Forward a link to an interesting blog with a personal note or something.

5. Cell phone, text message, IM

6. Letter (“regular mail”) Remember those? Cut out a funny cartoon or something relevant to the person that indicates you have given it a little thought.

7. Post Card – You can even make your own.

8. Greeting Cards – My daughter makes slamming cards.

9. Video email – Youtube record and send

10. Animated slide Show like my animated image board.  I have so much fun seeing what comes out.

11. Recorded phone message  such as  There are so many possibilities with this application alone.

12. FACE to FACE VISIT... What a Concept!

Okay here are 7 BONUS ideas for your consideration:

1. E-Card.

2. Give a recording or written communication to someone that is going to do a face to face and,

3. Send a “Gram”, telegram, candygram, flowergram, even a moneygram.  Be sure to include your personal message.

4. Provide warm regards to the loved one of your good friend or relative that you have a great relationship with also.

5. How about this?  Just reach out on your social network(s).  Look for them or just blow the dust of your friends lists and re-connect.  And if you have the info and just sort of forgot to connect via your preferred medium, consider Niki’s montra and “Just do it.”

6. Meet somewhere you both love or with another person you mutually enjoy.  Meet face to face with a common added connector and

7.  Prayer and meditative attention. At minimum even those in your questionable communication pot can benefit by a prayer or healing thought.  the power of the mind and the thought waves generated from love have so much power. Happy Holidays!

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