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Grow With the Flow!

December 29, 2011

As the year closes out to make way for the new, perhaps it is as good a time for you to consider too – What do you want? What will you do?

When we understand from whence we come, we free ourselves to consider past choices, smart and dumb. 

By doing so we build on this – we step into tomorrow with preparedness.

Much like the Yin and Yang of life’s interaction, we move ourselves with inspirational dissatisfaction. 

So heal your wounds and count each blessing.  Soon it will be unveiled- a completely new dressing.

Go with the flow and you will soon know, that life and living from within does grow. 

Follow your heart, follow your passion.  Follow your dream.  Take some action.  Sometimes it is what you do when no one takes note, that prepares you to get the ultimate vote.

Happy New Year.  Be thankful.   Believe and… Succeed!

Clif McKnight

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