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Who’s Got Your Back?

March 18, 2014

Who’s Got Your Back?.  Prolific speaker, poet, author, Barbara Talley offers excellent food for thought.  Tap into this resource to strengthen your resolve and add to your day.  Enjoy this article and be sure to frolic and reflect on her other posts too.  We grow through the energy of synergy.  Click the link and let her and me know what you think.

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The Majesty of Divine Plan

March 30, 2011

Everything connects in some way.  When we expect the good, our attitude reflects that expectation. When we expect the worst, well, the same often occurs. Even when something undesirable occurs it will pay great dividends to ask yourself what you might glean from the experience.  The question in and of itself offers value as your focus moves toward lesson instead of deepening the pain.

I have been inspired by recent turn of events that are moving me in a wonderful direction.  My focus grows clearer as I am called to make decisions on how my life is BEST expressed. Since we are here for only a brief time on this earth, doesn’t it make sense that we should dedicate our energies to what fulfills and supports our selves and one another?  A wonderful thing occurs when we do this.  WE are enriched.  All of us!

Focus on your strengths and not so much on your weaknesses.  Oh, give them attention, but do so through the vantage point of your strengths.   You can seek out others and you will attract those whose strengths are in doing what you prefer not to do.  Yes you can build those weakness.  You can grow in these areas and you should.  Just consider growing together.  It pays in greater dividends. 

Remember we are all part of something.  It serves the whole of life to maximize our life experience by doing what we do best and giving others the opportunity to do the same.  Live, love, learn.  Give, forgive – your turn.  Live your peace, your joy, your dream and watch the world grow better.

It’s Within That Counts

February 20, 2011

My # 2 daughter, Chelsea is fast becoming a part of this effort to add to your day.  Thank you AGAIN Chelsea.  Your poem offers food for thought.

Artwork by Chelsea McKnight

People always try to glamorize their lives, publicize their ties and muffle out their up your eyes to what we all disguise and we could share our minds and deeply empathize.. – Chelsea McKnight

A Harmony That Learns

Let the gift of the real you meet the gift of the real me and we will recognize  one another emanating a harmony that warms, that learns, that heals.

the Spirit of Connection

November 19, 2010

“When you see someone do well and you understand interconnection, it adds happiness to you because part of you made it. When someone is separate and apart you could move toward “You have; I don’t.” and be less enthusiastic about celebrating the other’s success.  This usually is not the most productive approach.  When you see the connections you celebrate the success and you say if she can do it I can too.

Actually we require one another’s success.  A motor in and of itself may be a fine thing.  Add it to a vehicle and functionality begins.  The success of the whole relies on the success of its parts.  Stay connected. Look to others success as inspiration and validation that success is within your grasp as well.”  from IF YOU CAN’T CALM THE WATERS LEARN TO RIDE THE WAVES – HOW TO SUCCEED IN TURBULENT TIMES.  Click here for information on  Clif McKnight

Think Good Thoughts Then Connect

September 24, 2010

Think Good Thoughts Then Connect

I endeavor to treat my mind and spirit daily with a little prayer, meditation and affirmation, then I get to work.  I was busily focused at my desk at work and a wonderful thing happened!  I received a knock on the door.  At times when we are trying to finish a task we can be off center when something interrupts that flow .  I am so glad that I followed my morning ritual today because that did not occur and I was poised to receive a magnificent energy from the passer by.

His name is Chuck Croner.  He is a recent retiree who reminded me through his conversation and spirit that angels still walk the earth in human form.  As he shared and asked questions of me my heart and spirit were filled with the joy of this awareness.

Please, pause, focus on all that is good with you and the world, then drink deeply from the positive spirits around you.  The wonderful thing is, if you take the time to treat your spirit prior to quenching your thirst, you will provide a refreshing elixir for others as well.  We are then energized to continue making a difference where the world is not yet right.  Enjoy today and help make someone else’s day.

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