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Think you can or think you can’t – Either way, you are right

August 10, 2013

thinkl you can think you cant

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if life was smooth-sailing all the way? But time to time all of us have to navigate life’s ups and downs.  Learning to focus on what you can do today, instead of wasting time fretting about things, can make a big difference to your life and to the lives of those around you.

For each of us “my world” signifies something different.  It could refer to your life experiences, your relationship with God, your family, friends and colleagues – all the people that your existence touches.  The closer you get to the core of your world, the deeper the focus and intensity to serve.

Dr. Mark Holland said “Life is so fragile, that it would be a mistake to worry about making everyone happy – even the people in what you call ‘my world’.  You have to learn to recognize and be a good steward of what makes ‘you’ happy.”  He continues “In order to manage ‘my world,’ with all its twists and turns, it is important to focus on ‘my joy’ and minimize if not eliminate the frets, burdens, and worries that others put on your shoulders.  For if you are not happy, how can you make others happy?”

Glean the gift of the moment, of priority and take responsibility for your own happiness. Choose your paradigm.  The paradigm we construct perpetually becomes a wheel of fortune or a wheel of misfortune, based on the direction of our will, until we make a change.

Regardless as to whether you think you can or can’t do something, either way, you are right.  We so often focus on what hasn’t worked and what does not work instead of what has worked.  What has occurred in your life that has been right, been good?  What have you done to benefit yourself or those you love?

As Dr. Holland states in our interview, ”Seek to know God, seek to know yourself.  Be true to that first.  If you let your vehicle fall apart because you are too busy transporting everyone else, sooner or later, nobody rides.”

– Clifton McKnight is an author, educator, counselor, personal coach and keynote speaker. Clifton author’s a resource for students on Blogger .  Follow him on FacebookTwitter and other (social) media. Visit his site at


February 17, 2013

Sometimes persistent effort gives reign to magnificent possibility.  I enjoyed bringing this video together for you.  As you contemplate you next step and review your greatest resolution, remember that in your hands is gifted the great solution.  You Choose the Life you Want -IF YOU CAN’T CALM THE WATERS LEARN TO RIDE THE WAVES.  Pause, meditate and pray; watch things ultimately grow in a Divine way.  When times are tough, remind yourself that you have been through enough to get through this stuff.

– Clifton McKnight is an author, educator, counselor, personal coach and keynote speaker. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter and other (social) media. Visit his site at

Change Your World, Make a New Friend

February 16, 2013

Want some deep and fun at the same time?  Feaured from Oprah Winfrey’s “OWN”  network, check out Soul Pancake.  You deserve it. .  Sometimes all we have to do is be willing to relax and open up a bit.  Not so keen or this- or inspired by this? Maybe you can create your own experiment.  Go ahead, “Change your world.”

– Clifton McKnight is an author, educator, counselor, personal coach and keynote speaker. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter and other (social) media. Visit his site at

Clarify Your Purpose

December 29, 2012

We each make a difference, through our presence and our absence, through our actions and through our inaction.  By clarifying our purpose it becomes clear how our existence contributes to the betterment of life, When we clarify our goals our priorities are made clear. Inspired meaning infuses our lives.  Breathe in new possibility.  Embrace Divine Purpose.  It will help you calm the waters or ride the waves.

Image  Consider the thoughts below from Chapter One of IF YOU CAN’T CALM THE WATERS, LEARN TO RIDE THE WAVES – HOW TO SUCCEED IN TURBULENT TIMES.  For more and to order, click this link and use discount code D6BTQE42 at check out for 30% off.

  • You are the offspring of those who persevered through trepidation, trials and tribulations. Not only can you make it, it is your legacy.
  • Sometimes we have to “restart and reset.”
  • We have the power to define our experience; indeed, that is what we do.
  • Remember to embrace “Inspirational dissatisfaction.” Be grateful yet discontent enough to be inspired to make a difference.
  • Think you can or think you can’t. Either way, you are right.
  • “Cherish the moment… [Do] not waste precious life worrying.” – Mark Holland
  • Creative possibilities emerge as we interpret and respond to the same stuff with anticipation.

So find a quiet or inspired space and ask yourself, “What is most important to me?  How can I make a difference while loving life?  How can I use my divine gifts?  Write your answers.  Get input and reserve your right to filter and assess.  Choose, act, adjust and enjoy.  You have already begun.  Thank you for BEING the difference you want to see in the world.

– Clifton McKnight is an author, educator, counselor, personal coach and keynote speaker. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter and other (social) media. Visit his site at

Win the Fight Against Cancer? Yes we Can Sir!

October 2, 2012

I’d been “writing” my book for years, telling everyone about it so much that years later I’d see someone and they’d ask, “how’s that book coming along.”  I wanted to write something that everyone could read and be

inspired by.  I came up with just the right title, albeit a bit long, IF YOU CAN’T CALM THE WATERS LEARN TO RIDE THE WAVES -HOW TO SUCCEED IN TURBULENT TIMES. Over the years I did write but then, 2 life altering experiences hit me, losing consciousness behind the wheel – and a bout with cancer.

Life’s twists and turns had taken problems and challenges and

transmuted them into unplanned and unanticipated detection, early detection.  The organic response to these experiences was to re-write the book before the first printing.  It [the book] really isn’t for every body, but very little in life is.  It’s more for those who could use “the gift of a lift” and who are willing to venture, even a little bit out of their familiar (dis)comfort zone.

I chose to treat my cancer and I have been privileged to meet others who address their disease in a variety of ways.  For prostate cancer there is even this thing called watchful observation or something like that so I say, “Live with cancer?  Yes we can sir!”   at least until we no longer have to.

We will win the fight against cancer.  And to those who have lost

Do all you can and expect success.

someone, don’t live with the loss, live with the LOVE.  Do, be, and carry the legacy through your life and please, do it your way.  There is A LOT OF LOVE OUT THERE.  LET IT IN.  THERE IS A LOT OF LOVE IN THERE, LET IT OUT! In the words of the late Stephen Covey,  “Laugh, Live, Love, Leave  a Legacy.”

Resources… Multi-layered Resources – Reposted and Updated for 2013

June 15, 2012

Just as it is important to have resources, it is important to be RESOURCEFUL!  Look at what you already have and consider the many uses you have yet to explore.  Have fun with the unlimited possibilities and pass on what you can to those you care about.

Resources… Resources are all around us  and deep within us.  Even resources we use can be reborn in to other uses.  Whether it be Youtube, a book, a reflection or introspection, or a blog, our even an online community, our focus and intention can conjure up new purpose and therefore new utility.

YouTube is great for music AND there are applications for “How to” do just about anything.  Want to create a business plan but don’t want to start by reading a book?  Visit You Tube and see what feels right for you.  One idea may be just what you need.  Need to fix a toilet?  Type toilet repair in the search box at You Tube and see your choices or type in the word “Success” along with one someone who motivates you and see what happens.  Or if someone motivates you type in their name.  I typed in “Les Brown” and among other videos, this came up.  Then there were other videos (Jack Canfield and more) that I found to be quite useful.  Surf for what feeds you.

Books are great for learning AND for entertainment.  They are great for research and learning perspectives.  History, business development,  fiction, short stories and poems.  Wake up to the possibilities.  Go to the library and bring the library to you too.  Lifetimes of information are at your fingertips. offers FREE excerpts and FREE Kindle software so you can access ebooks from your computer, phone or tablet.

Online Search – “Google it”  has become synonymous to the online search engine but there are MANY.  There have been specialty search engines for years.  See this link from 10 years ago click here.  Don’t worry, it provides  updated links as well.  Online searches can open up unlimited possibilities.   Always engage critical thinking.  Reserve judgement and draw your own conclusions.  We are barely scratching the surface… Remember Microsoft‘s catch phrase “Where do you want to go today.”

Online Communities and Blogs – Everywhere you go (online), there they are!  Blogs are extremely wide and varied.  Anyone can have one and include just about anything.  As mentioned earlier, engage your mind, be conscious of your choices.  There are few guarantees in life.  Certainly there can be less online.  Blogs can entertain, educate, promote, do all of the above and more.  You can learn about business.  You can join online communities that support and explore business and or provide support for weight loss.  The possibilities are endless.  Want to develop yourself?  Consider the online community of Stephen Covey.  The links above are examples.  I have found them useful.  In fact I am the author to some.  Please make use of the information age.  Only you can choose what you can use.  Reserve judgment based on what you think is best for you.   I take responsibility for my self and my choices only, and you should reserve that privilege as well. You have seen disclaimers “No warranties.”   In truth all we have is our own mind.  Keep it active.  Keep it growing and enjoy this magnificent information age.

– Clifton McKnight is an author, educator, counselor, personal coach and keynote speaker. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter and other (social) media. Visit his site at

For More Peace of Mind, Be Thankful and Simplify

October 1, 2011

This is a great time to consider shedding baggage in exchange for some simplicity.  If you feel stressed, remember this and say to yourself, “It’s not up to you, it’s up to me. Don’t have to do it all, just what feels right. I provide the space to just be me tonight…”  Ever feel like you have so much to do?  Take some time to just “do you.”  You may even want to consider doing this “on a regular” as the saying goes.  John Lennon is quoted as saying “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

Focus on your gifts and let some stuff go.  Bye bye.  Lighten the load.  Now, what to do with the new empty space?  Breathe, relax, be thankful slow your pace.  Life, is not a race.

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”

It is the journey itself that provides flavor and color and sustenance and more.  So lose “the stuff’,” the “DOs,” and have more, “Be Free.” It is giving, not hoarding, that opens the flood gates of possibility.   Don’t think about what will come to you, make space for more to flow THROUGH YOU.  Have a tremendous day on the way to helping somebody and every so often,  just enjoy the moment.

Make this Season Your Better Health Season

June 10, 2011

This is your time.  Are you ready to attract better health and a greater feeling of well-being?  The means and the support is all around you.  Begin with an internal shift.  Declare yourself to yourself who the improved you is and your body will catch up!  I had just made a decision to dramatically improve my health position when I received an email that a “Biggest Loser” style program was being offered at my workplace.  I figured, “what the hay, I can dabble to help me along my way.”  I soon found myself engaged and engrossed.  It became a main stead for me.  then when work schedule and time off interrupted the flow, I still had the internal shift to support me.  Below is a communication I sent to my teammates.  Want to join in?

“Ok, we keep missing the pool parties but we sure can take advantage of  I hope you are all well and staying true to your goals.  If not, you can still dust yourself off and get back on the path.  That is the beauty of it.  If you really want to accomplish a thing, you stay with it.  While I have been off work a few days I have been a walking machine, a veritable monster of walk,  a beast in the east! Well, maybe it hasn’t been ‘all that,’ but relatively speaking, I have been doing well.  I walked between 2.5 and 3+ miles 4-5 days per week.  I am feeling great.

My eating habits have been wonderful too, relatively speaking. I have been juicing regularly.  My staple beverage is carrot and celery juice but I have various combinations including a delectable fruit juice with pineapple, cantaloupe and apple juices.  I use the pulp of my vegetable juices for soups and salads.  I haven’t done anything with the fruit pulps.  I hear that all of the pulps make for great compost and I haven’t done any of that yet.  I‘d be happy to store and bring in for anyone interested in using it.  Points may not be mounting but we can keep accounting.  I know, I have a million of ‘em…

A word about being still:  We all take a moment here and there and our fitness coach, Brenda had us “smell the roses” as a “Biggest Loser” activity.  If you have indulged yourself with a moment of peace recently you are likely, keenly aware of its benefits.  Please, take a moment often and drink deeply of the glory of life and living.  I read an article recently that suggested taking 5 minutes of every hour to focus on something good.  WOW!  I honestly never thought of something so simple as that.  Anyway, enjoy the journey and let’s keep supporting each other. ”

Looking for healthy recipes?  Try .   Brenda, pulled the following excerpt out of my book IF YOU  CAN’T CALM THE WATERS LEARN TO RIDE THE WAVES, ”

[Brenda] “Here’s an excerpt from the book to ponder today:”

“Each of us has many selves. There is a physical self and a spiritual self. These “selves” are interdependent.  Your physical self has the potential to affect the experiences of your spiritual self. When we eat well, move our bodies, stretch ourselves, think positively, and feel appreciative, we tend to be healthier and happier. When we are persistently inactive, eat a poor selection of foods and crowd ourselves with worry and disappointment, we set ourselves up for poor health.”   This is YOUR SEASON for better health.  Enjoy the journey.  Want more resources? Visit and  For all around uplifting try

The Power of Acknowledgement

April 13, 2011

Isn’t it exciting and warming when others want to acknowledge you?   It is affirming and motivating and reassuring.  When we are acknowledged, it boosts our confidence and our attitudes.  Scientists and doctors are even confirming that it strengthens our immune systems!  It most certainly can improve performance.  With all of that why don’t we acknowledge one another more? 

We often underestimate the benefit it offers yet, acknowledgement, like love and kindness, only multiplies as you give it away.  While some may abuse it, the one who truly loses is the abuser.  Take a moment to make someone’s day and you will discover your day is a little brighter.   You can revisit the good feelings it gives you too. 

So do yourself a favor and let someone know what you appreciate about them.  Acknowledge your family, your team, your friend, your partner, your neighbor, co-worker or service provider.  You just may get something started that returns great dividends to you.  Thank you for taking the time to make a difference.

The Majesty of Divine Plan

March 30, 2011

Everything connects in some way.  When we expect the good, our attitude reflects that expectation. When we expect the worst, well, the same often occurs. Even when something undesirable occurs it will pay great dividends to ask yourself what you might glean from the experience.  The question in and of itself offers value as your focus moves toward lesson instead of deepening the pain.

I have been inspired by recent turn of events that are moving me in a wonderful direction.  My focus grows clearer as I am called to make decisions on how my life is BEST expressed. Since we are here for only a brief time on this earth, doesn’t it make sense that we should dedicate our energies to what fulfills and supports our selves and one another?  A wonderful thing occurs when we do this.  WE are enriched.  All of us!

Focus on your strengths and not so much on your weaknesses.  Oh, give them attention, but do so through the vantage point of your strengths.   You can seek out others and you will attract those whose strengths are in doing what you prefer not to do.  Yes you can build those weakness.  You can grow in these areas and you should.  Just consider growing together.  It pays in greater dividends. 

Remember we are all part of something.  It serves the whole of life to maximize our life experience by doing what we do best and giving others the opportunity to do the same.  Live, love, learn.  Give, forgive – your turn.  Live your peace, your joy, your dream and watch the world grow better.

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