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Think you can or think you can’t – Either way, you are right

August 10, 2013

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if life was smooth-sailing all the way? But time to time all of us have to navigate life’s ups and downs.  Learning to focus on what you can do today, instead of wasting time fretting about things, can make a big difference to your life and to the lives of those around you.

For each of us “my world” signifies something different.  It could refer to your life experiences, your relationship with God, your family, friends and colleagues – all the people that your existence touches.  The closer you get to the core of your world, the deeper the focus and intensity to serve.

Dr. Mark Holland said “Life is so fragile, that it would be a mistake to worry about making everyone happy – even the people in what you call ‘my world’.  You have to learn to recognize and be a good steward of what makes ‘you’ happy.”  He continues “In order to manage ‘my world,’ with all its twists and turns, it is important to focus on ‘my joy’ and minimize if not eliminate the frets, burdens, and worries that others put on your shoulders.  For if you are not happy, how can you make others happy?”

Glean the gift of the moment, of priority and take responsibility for your own happiness. Choose your paradigm.  The paradigm we construct perpetually becomes a wheel of fortune or a wheel of misfortune, based on the direction of our will, until we make a change.

Regardless as to whether you think you can or can’t do something, either way, you are right.  We so often focus on what hasn’t worked and what does not work instead of what has worked.  What has occurred in your life that has been right, been good?  What have you done to benefit yourself or those you love?

As Dr. Holland states in our interview, ”Seek to know God, seek to know yourself.  Be true to that first.  If you let your vehicle fall apart because you are too busy transporting everyone else, sooner or later, nobody rides.”

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The Power of Acknowledgement

April 13, 2011

Isn’t it exciting and warming when others want to acknowledge you?   It is affirming and motivating and reassuring.  When we are acknowledged, it boosts our confidence and our attitudes.  Scientists and doctors are even confirming that it strengthens our immune systems!  It most certainly can improve performance.  With all of that why don’t we acknowledge one another more? 

We often underestimate the benefit it offers yet, acknowledgement, like love and kindness, only multiplies as you give it away.  While some may abuse it, the one who truly loses is the abuser.  Take a moment to make someone’s day and you will discover your day is a little brighter.   You can revisit the good feelings it gives you too. 

So do yourself a favor and let someone know what you appreciate about them.  Acknowledge your family, your team, your friend, your partner, your neighbor, co-worker or service provider.  You just may get something started that returns great dividends to you.  Thank you for taking the time to make a difference.

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