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Quantum Success Will of Fortune

August 23, 2013

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Quantum Success Will of Fortune acknowledges our innate hard wiring to perpetuate what we believe and know  to be true in our individual realities.   What we believe is may as well be because we will tend to act as if it were true.  We will even produce outcomes, recollect experiences and interpret our present experiences to validate what we believe.  It is difficult for some people to shift to new situations.  The belief that things are as they are have so much evidence that it is difficult to consider that there may be other possibilities than those cemented in the belief.

Quantum Success represents starting point for implementing positive change as it is our connection with our spiritual selves, with God and the universe.  Knowing this part impels us to engender positive attitudes, thoughts, beliefs and values.  With a solid foundation of self perception, our actions follow suit, leading to a series of positive outcomes.  We are able to see the silver lining in the cloud; we can create lemonade from the lemons of life’s experiences [and channel positive perspectives about our outcomes to our memory].

Quantum Success (qs) is the center of the Will-of-Fortune.  It is the core of life and living.  Imagination stimulates and facilitates.  Imagination creates.  The essence of individual reality is fostered by imagination.   It can be used to create or to destroy.

When we realize our oneness, we feel in harmony with the rhythm of life.  The path to Quantum Success is a personal journey.  At times, we are inspired by a loving touch or a sincere compliment. 

The path is also filled with challenges.  Recognizing the unlimited capacity that exists within us unleashes powerful resources.  We generate and interpret messages or themes within ourselves.

Filter all that you feel, think, and say, in Faith, Hope, and LoveThoughts, feelings, and beliefs become words, deeds, and other manifestations. From: IF YOU CAN’T CALM THE WATERS LEARN TO RIDE THE WAVES

– Clifton McKnight is an author, educator, counselor, personal coach and keynote speaker. Clifton author’s a resource for students on Blogger .  Follow him on FacebookTwitter and other (social) media. Visit his site at

Loved Not Alone

April 14, 2013

Quiet as it is kept there are times in our lives when we feel alone, cold and lonely.  Even when surrounded by others, sometimes feel all by ourselves.  Go ahead and feel the emptiness but just for a moment.  Then celebratImagee that the feeling is based on an illusion because it can be used to remind us to extend a hand and feel the Love.

We are steeped in Divine Love.  Dwell on that.  Meditate and pray on the gifts that life has wrought. Appreciate that you have the privilege of time and space to feel deeply.  Sometimes we are too cold or overheated, in too much pain or completely defeated.

Wake up to the reality of Divine Love, and be Love in Action and watch the pain dissolve.  When you connect within and then reach out, you begin (again) to see what life’s all about.

Loneliness and pain  serve as a simple reminder that we are off track.  Open your eyes and open your heart.  You will see that you are disparately needed and  deeply loved.

Help someone and you will soon see, the energy and love that service set free.  Image

Act in the know that we are all connected, then step in the flow that Love has directed.

With every act of kindness, every helping hand, you spread Divine Love.  Your presence soon becomes as welcome as the warmth of the sun with a cool summer breeze.

Pay homage to what you have while you still have it.  And when you give, remember the principles of nature.  What we plant and nurture comes back multiplied.  Serve.  Love.  Love yourself too and you will be loved, through and through.

– Clifton McKnight is an author, educator, counselor, personal coach and keynote speaker. Clifton author’s a resource for students on Blogger .  Follow him on Facebook, Twitter and other (social) media. Visit his site at

The Majesty of Divine Plan

March 30, 2011

Everything connects in some way.  When we expect the good, our attitude reflects that expectation. When we expect the worst, well, the same often occurs. Even when something undesirable occurs it will pay great dividends to ask yourself what you might glean from the experience.  The question in and of itself offers value as your focus moves toward lesson instead of deepening the pain.

I have been inspired by recent turn of events that are moving me in a wonderful direction.  My focus grows clearer as I am called to make decisions on how my life is BEST expressed. Since we are here for only a brief time on this earth, doesn’t it make sense that we should dedicate our energies to what fulfills and supports our selves and one another?  A wonderful thing occurs when we do this.  WE are enriched.  All of us!

Focus on your strengths and not so much on your weaknesses.  Oh, give them attention, but do so through the vantage point of your strengths.   You can seek out others and you will attract those whose strengths are in doing what you prefer not to do.  Yes you can build those weakness.  You can grow in these areas and you should.  Just consider growing together.  It pays in greater dividends. 

Remember we are all part of something.  It serves the whole of life to maximize our life experience by doing what we do best and giving others the opportunity to do the same.  Live, love, learn.  Give, forgive – your turn.  Live your peace, your joy, your dream and watch the world grow better.

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