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Know “Thy Selves “

August 23, 2013


Each of us has many selves.  We have a physical self and a spiritual self, a thinking self and a feeling self.  We also have a private self and a public self.  These selves are all interdependent parts of our being and their sum total makes up our whole – “self”.

Your spiritual self experiences life through our physical self and your physical self has the potential to affect the experiences of your spiritual self.  Being aware of and in tune with our spiritual self enables us to connect with our potential.  Only then do we begin to understand our purpose and realize that we are not alone but part of a greater whole.

Our response to any life experience is the sum total of what we think and feel about it. What we think about an experience defines that experience and what we immediately feel in a given circumstance often results in an automatic response.

Sometimes we attempt to establish a hierarchy of “Selves.”   Some consider the thinking self to be superior to the feeling self.  Yet feeling reflects the experience of thought.  It bridges the spiritual thought to material and vice versa.

To know one’s self is to understand our connectedness to one another; and to love one’s self, truly, is to love all there is.  Conversely, to love another is to honor (and love) the Self.

We do not always create what happens to us; we create how we experience and respond to what happens to us.  We have the power to define the impact of each life experience. We determine how we are going to be as a result of the experience.  Excerpt from: IF YOU CAN’T CALM THE WATES LEARN TO RIDE THE WAVES – HOW TO SUCCEED IN TURBULENT TIMES

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the Spirit of Connection

November 19, 2010

“When you see someone do well and you understand interconnection, it adds happiness to you because part of you made it. When someone is separate and apart you could move toward “You have; I don’t.” and be less enthusiastic about celebrating the other’s success.  This usually is not the most productive approach.  When you see the connections you celebrate the success and you say if she can do it I can too.

Actually we require one another’s success.  A motor in and of itself may be a fine thing.  Add it to a vehicle and functionality begins.  The success of the whole relies on the success of its parts.  Stay connected. Look to others success as inspiration and validation that success is within your grasp as well.”  from IF YOU CAN’T CALM THE WATERS LEARN TO RIDE THE WAVES – HOW TO SUCCEED IN TURBULENT TIMES.  Click here for information on  Clif McKnight

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