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Quantum Success Will of Fortune

August 23, 2013

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Quantum Success Will of Fortune acknowledges our innate hard wiring to perpetuate what we believe and know  to be true in our individual realities.   What we believe is may as well be because we will tend to act as if it were true.  We will even produce outcomes, recollect experiences and interpret our present experiences to validate what we believe.  It is difficult for some people to shift to new situations.  The belief that things are as they are have so much evidence that it is difficult to consider that there may be other possibilities than those cemented in the belief.

Quantum Success represents starting point for implementing positive change as it is our connection with our spiritual selves, with God and the universe.  Knowing this part impels us to engender positive attitudes, thoughts, beliefs and values.  With a solid foundation of self perception, our actions follow suit, leading to a series of positive outcomes.  We are able to see the silver lining in the cloud; we can create lemonade from the lemons of life’s experiences [and channel positive perspectives about our outcomes to our memory].

Quantum Success (qs) is the center of the Will-of-Fortune.  It is the core of life and living.  Imagination stimulates and facilitates.  Imagination creates.  The essence of individual reality is fostered by imagination.   It can be used to create or to destroy.

When we realize our oneness, we feel in harmony with the rhythm of life.  The path to Quantum Success is a personal journey.  At times, we are inspired by a loving touch or a sincere compliment. 

The path is also filled with challenges.  Recognizing the unlimited capacity that exists within us unleashes powerful resources.  We generate and interpret messages or themes within ourselves.

Filter all that you feel, think, and say, in Faith, Hope, and LoveThoughts, feelings, and beliefs become words, deeds, and other manifestations. From: IF YOU CAN’T CALM THE WATERS LEARN TO RIDE THE WAVES

– Clifton McKnight is an author, educator, counselor, personal coach and keynote speaker. Clifton author’s a resource for students on Blogger .  Follow him on FacebookTwitter and other (social) media. Visit his site at

Hope for Tomorrow

May 6, 2011

Ever notice how things sometimes get harder as you approach completion of a worthy endeavor?  Sometimes when we feel overwhelmed, all that stands between us and utter breakdown are our attitudes and  our hope for tomorrow.  My daughter Chelsea put it eloquently, ”

“Fighting while smiling, even though I feel there is nothing left to give.. Though the thunderstorm hurls winds, lightening and rain, I know a rainbow awaits.. somewhere, sometime.”
Michael Thomas, Program Manager, University of Michigan, Dearborn, whose interview was chronicled in  my book, IF YOU CAN’T CALM THE WATERS LEARN TO RIDE THE WAVES – HOW TO SUCCEED IN TURBULENT TIMES,  said, “Faith, education and hope  will help us weather any storms.”  It may feel like you are faced with more than you can manage but hang in there.  You will get through it.”  Keep the faith… For “Joy cometh in the morning.”

The Success Wave in Human Nature

October 17, 2010

Enjoy and ponder on the “Sayings” and “Thoughts” at the end of Chapter 2, The Success Wave in Human Nature from my new release.


“Dost thou love life?  Then do not squander time for time is the stuff life is made of. “ – Benjamin Franklin

“Hindsight may be twenty-twenty vision but Insight is golden. “                                -Clifton McKnight

“Thought is the blossom, language the bud, action the fruit behind it.”                                    -Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Opportunities are sometimes challenges cleverly disguised as problems.” or “Problems are just opportunities in work clothes.”                                               – Les Brown ?


If you find yourself down in the gutter, as you rise, consider how you got there. That way you don’t have to repeat yourself.

The life we perpetuate is the life we recreate!

Mental begets physical.  Persistent or intense thought lead to action and manifestation.

From IF YOU CAN’T CALM THE WATERS LEARN TO RIDE THE WAVES -How to Succeed in Turbulent Times

Even Collisions Can Fuel Visions

July 22, 2010

The Greatest Nation in the World

January 12, 2010

We live in a special city called “CapaCITY” which is in the great “State OF MIND” in the boundless nation of “ImagiNATION”  so use your imagination to increase your capacity.

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